New Straight Stairlifts

Straight stairlifts, sometimes known as straight chairlifts can be fitted as an outdoor stairlift as well as an indoor stairlift. New straight stairlifts generally have a faster lead time from placing an order to the actual installation of the lift onto the stairs. Some stairlift companies are able to install straight stairlifts the next day.

Preparation of the stairlift track is much simpler, the track is cut to size to meet the length of the stairs that are to be covered. Then it is attached to the stairs via several cleats or feet, usually four to five cleats depending on the length of the staircase. Normally the stairlift is plugged into a power point that is located nearest to the stairs. If there is no power point available, one should be installed by a qualified electrician. If there is a doorway or a thoroughfare at the foot of the stairs, a hinged track may be required. Additionally, any obstructions like radiators, furniture, coat hooks etc will have to be removed.

A straight stairlift installation can be used to cover a staircase that has curves but these curves must be the flat landing type and the user must be able to manage the remaining steps or transfer from one straight stairlift to another.