Extra Stairlift Warranty On Us

Because of our industry reputation and the vast numbers of WhichStairlift.co.uk users that we refer, we continue to negotiate with all of our UK stairlift suppliers and UK stairlift manufacturers. Should you decide to buy your stairlift through our recommendation, you get a second year warranty on your stairlift for free,1 on us at no cost to you!

Stairlift Warranty Features Include:

  • Call out service,
  • Dedicated service help-line contactable 24-hours a day, 365 days of the year,
  • Annual service inspection visit (booked by using a Helpline number),
  • Nationwide rapid response team of stairlift engineers whose sole job is to respond to your call,
  • Extend these and more for free with us today.

Let us recommend UK stairlift suppliers that are local to you and if you purchase your stairlift through our recommendation, we will arrange for an extra years' warranty for your stairlift, on us!

This is a limited promotion - get a 2 year stairlift warranty instead of 1 year.1.

Stairlift warranty

1. Subject to an enquirer being referred to one of our preferred partners who have agreed to the warranty promotion, a stairlift survey has been completed and that a stairlift has been purchased at the current list price. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers that we or a preferred partner are running.