Free Stairlift Buyer's Guide

The purchase of a new or reconditioned stairlift can be an intimidating task for some. The UK stairlift market has seen a massive increase of stairlift suppliers and installers over the last ten years. Additionally, the number of stairlift companies that advertise with online search engines has exploded exponentially making the undertaking of choosing the correct stairlift solution from the right stairlift supplier more difficult.

Are you considering purchasing a stairlift?

If the answer is YES - you should download our free stairlift Buyer's Guide today!

Stairlift Buyer's Guide Includes:

  • Finding the right stairlift supplier,
  • Arranging your quotations,
  • Should I buy a new or reconditioned stairlift,
  • Positives of buying a new stairlift,
  • Negatives of buying a reconditioned stairlift,
  • Straight stairs versus curved stairlifts,
  • Stairlift platform installation,
  • Key stairlift options,
  • Stairlift track options,
  • Hinged track options,
  • Seat options,
  • Stairlift footplate options,
  • Outdoor stairlifts,
  • Curved stairlifts,
  • Straight stairlifts,
  • Alternative stairlift installations,
  • Finding the right stairlift for you,
  • Stairlift surveys and what to expect,
  • And much more.