New Curved Stairlifts

The process to install a new curved stairlift normally takes longer than that of a straight stairlift. First, a technical survey is done. This is normally completed with specialist camera equipment and modern Computer Aided Design software, the results of this survey are used to fabricate the curved sections of the stairlift track. After fabrication, the stairlift track would be powder coated to a standard finish and colour, usually an off-white or cream. It should be noted that some stairlift manufacturers allow a colour choice at an additional charge if you know the specific RAL code.

A curved stairlift gives more flexibility on where the stairlift starts and stops because you can 'wrap' the track around newel posts or continue the track, up onto the top landing taking the user away from the stairs. An ideal solution if you are a little unsteady and would prefer not to use a swivel seat at the top of the stairs.

The price of new curved stairlifts has become more affordable over recent years primarily because advancements in manufacturing and robotics have greatly reduced the build process of the stairlift track. These improvements in manufacturing have also considerably reduced the lead time to installation. Making them a more attractive solution compared to buying two straight stairlifts for certain applications that are sometimes suggested by advisors when speed of installation is vital.